Murmur/Bunny | She/They | 23 | ♤

Murmur/Bunny | She/They | 23 | ♤

Hey, I'm Mur! I'm a 23 y/o freelance/hobbyist art bunny!I draw, scream nonsensically, and try to spread happiness in the little ways ♡I'm always rather tired due to a few chronic health conditions, but I thank everyone who allows me to support myself and do what I love every day!

Potential content warnings for my work:
Gore and body horror / Bright and/or flashing colors and eyestrain / Vent art and sensitive topics </3 / Drug use (I'm pretty substance positive and pro harm reduction)


Current Sales: None

I accept payments through PayPal/KoFi only!

Please contact me through my Twitter for work!
Feel free to inquire about things not or no longer listed.
The topmost labels are buttons! click on 'em for more examples!
Also everything is best viewed on desktop!

Thank you for the support


Sketches are quick but I'd like to think mine are relatively clean. I can splash some rough colors on it for a fee. Yes, you may commission me at a later date to finish a previous sketch commission (I keep all my source files)As always, additional characters are +75% of the initial price a pop, and any complexity fees would be discussed and agreed upon prior to payment, if applicable.

Color Splash+$10
Complexity FeeVaries

I provide the art with transparent backgrounds as well as whatever color I slap behind them. I sometimes play around with colors and will provide an unaltered version if I do.As always, additional characters are +75% of the initial price a pop, and any complexity fees would be discussed and agreed upon prior to payment, if applicable.

Complexity FeeVaries

If you enjoy my stylistic and experimental stuff, and are comfortable with giving me full artistic freedom, then put your character through the Bunny Brain Blender!As always, additional characters are +75% of the initial price a pop, and any complexity fees would be discussed and agreed upon prior to payment, if applicable.

Doodles are simpler in premise and less bloated, Full Stop is much busier! My apologies for it not being so clear but essentially these are my experimental comms! Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. This commission type does NOT have progress check-ins but I do of course offer corrections!

Full Stop$100
Complexity FeeVaries

The original YCH I'd done back in 2020. Both versions will be available simultaneously for anyone who wanted one, with a new version coming soon, with up tp 2-3 different flag options compared to the original's single flag.Please provide your flag for reference especially if more niche! And while this is intended to be a pride-themed YCH, you are free to inquire about other flags or colors

Old Version$35
New Version$N/A
Complexity FeeVaries

A funny little puff puff icon with colorful smoke! You can leave it up to me to decide or provide me with a gradient/colors of your choice for it.
I can stoner-bunnify your OCs if you want hehehe Become a 420-Funny Bunny today!
Complexity may result in fees that would be discussed and agreed upon prior to payment, if applicable.

Base Icon$60
Complexity FeeVaries

These are meant for Discord since they move when it detects mic activity, but you can use them for anything.
Will be drawn to fit a similar style as the examples shown!
Complex characters that require more elaborate movement will cost an additional complexity fee and of course would be discussed and agreed upon prior to payment, if applicable.

Talking + Blinking$75
Complexity FeeVaries

Last Updated: May 1, 2023

By commissioning me you acknowledge and agree to my TOS

Commission Form

Name:Username / Contact / Etc
Comm type:And specification
References:Ref sheets, moodboards, Picrews, etc
Notes:Any details I should know about the OC/design
Requests:Any ideas/expectations you have for the piece (if left blank I will assume artistic freedom)
Email:Your PayPal address if choosing to pay via invoice (I will ask for this after we discuss!)


  • Please submit your form via DM!

  • If I have to partially or fully design the character for you, this will cost an extra fee depending on how much I am made to do. Please bring as many clean flat color reference images as you can, and any additional resources like moodboards, Picrews, etc you may have. Anything is better than nothing!

  • Rush orders or commissions done by a certain date will cost a fee must be discussed beforehand and are accepted as I am able to.

  • I will check in with you after completing the sketch (unless stated otherwise). Please consider and inform me of any and all changes you want (that don't involve redrawing the entire thing) or any errors I may have made at this time, as it's easiest to correct them before I begin lining and coloring. The first 3 revisions are free, but I will begin charging for excess changes and indecision.

  • I add and remove (or simply label as "Closed") options at random! If you don't see something, it's usually because I'm not offering it at that time, but you're free to inquire! If I am not currently accepting a certain type of commission, I may be willing to discuss a fair price if you don't want to wait.

Terms of Service

My terms are subject to change any time I feel it necessary and without warning. By commissioning me you are agreeing to all of my terms below:

Sorry some of this is so long, I still get the odd small YouTuber/Streamer asking me to do anime style and stuff. Bah, I'm tired of explaining each time, so some of this is redundant or excessive.

Last Updated: August 14, 2023

I'm willing to draw:

  • Furries / Animals

Ferals, anthros, odd cartoonish creatures, anything of the sort.

  • Humans / Humanoids

Anything else! Aliens, monsters, you get the idea.

  • MOST body types given a full proper visual reference

I'm sorry but I cannot reasonably accept payment for anything out of my element. I'm mainly a hobbyist and I just draw little creechurs... BUT I am usually willing to learn if the commissioner is aware and allows aaa

  • Stylized and Semi-Realistic Gore / Body horror

Realistic, cutesy, candygore, etc. Please specify if you want this when ordering. I will NOT draw characters that are obviously in agony, or otherwise anything that looks exploitative.

  • Depictions of substances and/or use

Just my dumb way of saying yes I can draw your character with pills or a blunt idgaf.

  • In the style of one of my personal or one-off pieces

I've had people enjoy some of my personal work and wanted something in a similar style to certain pieces so feel free to ask if its obviously not vent art lol

  • Fanart of characters from media

This is for media like movies, video games, etc. NOT fanart of individual's OCs! I'm picky about this though, be warned!

  • SFW art with my characters

I'm much pickier with my sonas! Case by case basis.

I'm not willing to draw:

  • Nudity (tasteful or otherwise)

Nude references are okay to send though! Please ask before sending anything explicitly NSFW or censor it for me.

  • Sexually explicit / Overly suggestive material

Self explanatory, sorry lol also none of these ""non-sexual fetishes"" none of it!

  • Minors in ANY sexual OR suggestive scenario, period

This includes characters artificially aged up for that purpose.

  • Imitations of other individual artists' styles

  • Styles drastically different from my own

  • Body type or visible age extremes

I do not normally draw in an overly detailed or anatomically correct style. Please refer to my other works to get an idea of my range and strengths or weaknesses.

  • Complex outfits, armor, machinery or weapons

Most characters that look to be FFXIV or Dungeons and Dragons-adjacent levels of complicated, but when in doubt feel free to ask!

  • Robots / Mecha

Things like Transformers, Gundam, etc. NOT characters like GIR, Jenny/XJ9, etc.

  • Major props / abundance of extra things

Things especially like vehicles, furniture or pets (though pets count as additional characters for a fee!) Simple props like phones, drinks, or simple weapons are fine!

  • Detailed scenes / backgrounds

While I dabble from time to time, I don't offer these for pay, as I'm still learning.

  • Anything I personally feel to be offensive or problematic

Just use your head, nothing hateful, phobic, illegal, etc.

  • Anything Crypto/NFT related whatsoever. Do NOT try

  • Things for physical merchandise without thorough discussion

This has only happened like once before so I'm just covering myself by adding it

Feel free to inquire about anything not listed, or check in with me to see if any of these stipulations apply to your request.


I accept payment in USD via PayPal invoice (or KoFi payment) only! Please be prepared to provide your email for invoices

  • Progress will not start until payment is sent in full

  • Base prices are non-negotiable aside from special circumstances

  • Details of your commission must be discussed before payment to properly determine the price

  • I may charge a fee for complexity

  • Tips may be directed to my KoFi and are never obligatory, but thank you to anyone who does and has! ♡

  • I retain the right to decline any commission without explanation

  • If I have to partially or fully design the character for you, this will cost an extra fee depending on how much I am made to do. Please bring as many clean flat color reference images as you can, and any additional resources like moodboards, picrews, etc you may have. Anything is better than nothing

  • Commission details don't need to be hyper-specific unless you want that level of control over the final product (ie: pose, colors, etc) so please discuss this with me before I begin any substantial progress. If I am given no direction, I will assume artistic liberty

  • If you're curious about my progress on your commission, you may always refer to my Trello Queue (occasionally goes offline for organizing). If you still have any questions, feel free to reach out via DM

  • The time I spend on personal art is separate from the time I spend on commissioned art

  • Please understand art is a luxury, not a necessity. If you can not afford it and that bothers you, that's a you-problem, and I do not desire your input

  • At times I may be caught up or busy with my current circumstances and would like to make it as transparent as possible! Please understand and expect brief absences on my part from time to time. Despite my best efforts, I am (and will continue to be) in a very rough period of my life right now, but please do not be discouraged from reaching out (not spamming) and I will always get back to everything at my earliest convenience! Again, thank you for your patience and understanding.

Payment and Progress

  • Payment in USD only (base prices non-negotiable), and required upfront after prior discussion and agreement. Progress will not begin until payment is sent in full

  • Refunds will only be available if I have not began progress

  • If for whatever reason I choose to cancel the commission on my part, I will provide a full refund

  • Unless specified otherwise (ie: YCH's), I offer one check-in period (by default) at the sketch phase to discuss any and all changes, or direction moving forward. Changes are much more lenient here unless major or requiring me to redraw substantial portions of the piece. When in doubt, don't be afraid to ask. Please also be sure to inform me of any errors you notice as soon as possible

  • You can check progress live here on my Trello

  • Any major changes after completion must be inquired about and will cost an additional fee varying on complexity

  • I offer up to 3 check-ins for changes free of charge, anything more will cost extra. Please request all or as many of your changes or corrections at once if possible to maximize progress

  • If you forgot to include something or need to edit the info you've given me, or otherwise want to change/upgrade your order, you may do so at any time before you've received a progress update , and as stated above, anything after that will be a case by case basis! Don't be afraid to ask!

  • Mistakes on my end of course have no fee, please let me know of any errors as soon as you notice!

Copyright and Use

  • I retain any and all rights to my work. You are paying for the individual art for personal use, NOT the rights to said individual work or its redistribution

  • Custom designs/character commissions do not apply, your design is your own to do with as you wish. I only ask that you do not resell or redistribute for an artificially inflated or otherwise unreasonable price

  • Do not claim to have created, or attempt to redistribute or otherwise profit off of my work unless discussed beforehand

  • Leave my signature intact on all of my work if being used publicly

  • You may repost your commission with proper credit

  • Please do not edit or otherwise transform/manipulate my work without permission if posting publicly

  • You are NOT permitted under ANY circumstances to use my art, commissioned or otherwise, for any form of AI or algorithmic training in any way, shape or form

  • You are also not permitted to use my work, commissioned or otherwise, for anything crypto or NFT adjacent

  • Please do not use my work or personal characters as icons, banners, or in any similar fashion

Adopt and Design TOS

  • Once you fully own a design of mine, adopt, custom or otherwise, all basic rights apply and I share similar sentiments as most of the more relaxed designers out there

  • You may alter the design as you please so long as you don't specifically take credit for my initial choices

  • You may resell for whatever you paid as well as add on the cost of commissioned art

  • Within reason, you may add on value for non-commissioned art but please do not take advantage of this as a means of artificially inflating the price. If I feel this is being ultimately misused I will revoke those privileges moving forward

  • You may not use my designs or work as a means to represent deplorable or illegal behaviors and ideals such as bigotry, racism, LGBT-phobia, paraphilia and/or "proship" material such as zoo, non-con, or CP, etc

  • Please be sure to give my blacklist a look through before parting with any of my designs!

  • The respective artist's Closed Species TOS apply to any CS-specific adopts I have or may make

  • I am not selling commercial rights or any heavier legalese-riddled things here, you can't mass produce the design, or use the design commercially or otherwise for profit. These are not designs made to be intentionally resold or foddered. These are not available for use in NFTs, Crypto, or any other stupid tech-based endeavor. You own the personal rights to the design, may characterize it however you'd like within my conduct rules above, may create and commission art and goods like plushies and fursuits for personal use. (Chances are this portion will be irrelevant to 90% of people, but again, technbros, or those unfamiliar with these things)

Blatant and/or repeated violations of these rules will get you blacklisted from owning my designs in the future


snowbelle.art (Instagram, Tik Tok, etc) - DNI / BEWARE

Abuse, racism, homophobia, death wishes, making or asking others to make gore and kill art of their victims, glorifying ED and SH, sending SH/gore/nude photos completely unsolicited to random individuals and groups and continued when asked to stop, incessant harassment and witch hunting taking advantage of their larger Twitter and Tik Tok followings in the past to silence people, heavy and repeated block evasion and stalking as shown by their account list below, doxxing and attempts to doxx (names, photos, addresses, etc), harboring/defending a sex offender (CP) who was guilty of all of the same and much worse, art theft and tracing, design theft, blacklist evasion to obtain designs, bullying and rumor spreading, and a lot of other shit. Deplorable.
Please feel free to check out these accounts that detail the near decade of abuse and stalking at the hands of this person, warning it's just a lot to see.skullybunz - Document + IG Highlight
heartbomb_art - Document + IG Highlight
blondthreat - IG Highlight
There are many many more examples and stories from other victims if you look up any of these names below. An extensive list has been provided to show the sheer depth of this cycle- abusing, plagiarizing, causing immense issues, and rebranding or running away to a new name to start it all again hoping no one recognizes them while continuing to stalk people from the last group. The block evasion alone is ridiculous and I find it perfectly reasonable to warn people of specifically at least that/

Past aliases and accounts:
angelicrabbit (Art Fight)
ang3l1cr4bb1t (Tik Tok)
angelbunnyy_ (Instagram, Tik Tok)
psychedelicsins (Tik Tok)
BRATBUNNY (Newgrounds)
_bratbunny (Tik Tok)
1800sadbunny (Twitter)
1800dustbuny (Toyhouse)
1800dustbunny (Twitter, Instagram)
1800fuckbunny (NSFW Twitter)
Mochiimax (Twitter, Toyhouse, Deviantart, etc)
Mochiimaxxx (NSFW Twitter)
bloodybunnypaws (Tumblr account)
kissingyourcorpse (Tik Tok)
dolliebonesuwu (Tik Tok)
Godhatespastel (Instagram, Twitter)
Godhatespastelsart (Instagram, Twitter)
DollHospital (Tumblr)
dollie.bones (Instagram)
dollie.eyes (Instagram)
Bunbunny31 (Instagram)
bapiesonfire (Instagram)
Pastelprince0w0 (Deviantart)
Pastelpwince (Deviantart, Twitter)
Pastelpantsu (Tumblr)
satanswiddleprincess (Tumblr)
Kittyexplosionmurder (Instagram, Tumblr)
Petty-Suggestion (Tumblr)

--- (---)


Past aliases and accounts:
--- (---)

My Discord and Steam and anything similar are reserved for friends!

Please don't go looking for me ^^'

Pride Icons

Little limited time options I'm opening for June!
Please DM me on Twitter if interested!

Demigirl / Asexual

Pride Puff - $50

  • Combination of my Pride Smoke and Funnee icons!

  • NOT a YCH!

  • Smoke is primary flag color

  • Additionally can have any flag accessories (face paint in example) like bandannas but please consider the crop!

Splatter Eyes - $60

  • Pride variant of my Hypno Eye icons!

  • NOT a YCH!

  • Eyes are primary flag color

  • Additional flags will be paint!

Demigirl / Asexual

Lmao I lied it's not a kinlist but I've got gnarly ASD/ADHD and I'm a lil grape gusher I love to share my favorite things and these are all characters that are very personal and/or cherished by me! Or otherwise special interests and fixations! They're some of my very most favorite things ever. You can also tell I am susceptible to marketing!!


Frozen 1 + 2


Onegai My Melody
Kuromi's Pretty Journey
Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures


Alice in Wonderland
Alice Through the Looking Glass


Teen Titans









Cheshire Cat

Alice in Wonderland
Alice Through the Looking Glass


Sam and Max


Soul Eater

My Melody

Onegai My Melody
Hello Kitty's Furry Tale Theater
Hello Kitty and Friends Supercute Adventures

Bloody Bunny

Bloody Bunny

Raiden Ei

Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact


Genshin Impact




Graffiti Kingdom


Graffiti Kingdom


Teen Titans


Animal Crossing






LINE Friends


Milk and Mocha

Robbie the Rabbit

Silent Hill


Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy


Graffiti Kingdom


Graffiti Kingdom


Madness Combat


Happy Tree Friends





Rabbid Rosalina

Mario + Rabbids




Gregory Horror Show

Hell's Chef

Gregory Horror Show


Invader Zim


Lilo and Stitch


Code Lyoko


Making Fiends


A Hat in Time



Frankie Foster

Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends

Ember McLain

Danny Phantom


My Life as a Teenage Robot


My Life as a Teenage Robot

NOTICE: Hiiii it's Mur uh Twitter is the worst, so if you attempt to contact me there and it doesn't allow you to, please follow my work account for the time being, I'll follow you back and that's supposedly what allows DMs. Another alternative way to contact me for commissions is Toyhouse. Sorry about the inconvenience :( If this isnt sufficient, I'll update.